Customisable Shoes

Von Löwenstein's customisable shoes and heels are perfect for all occasions. Thanks to our accessories collection, any pair of Von Löwenstein shoes can be transformed in seconds by adding an accessory of your choice. Each shoe comes with its own complimentary accessory, but our shoes’ design enables you to choose your own style.

step 1
choose your shoe

Find your glass slipper and its complimentary accessory.

Whether you are a modern professional, a wedding guest, bride to be, or a stylish woman out and about, our shoes offer the perfect opportunity to invest in a statement piece that will last for years to come. 

step 2
choose your accessory

If you would like a different accessory from the one which comes with your shoe, head to our collection and find the right sparkle for you.

Each shoe style we design is built with hidden, strategically placed inner loops that allow our accessories to be interchangeable. One of the core components of our customisation feature on our heels is the signature infinity bijoux on the outsole. Whatever style you choose, you can add to your collection season, building up your very own capsule of statement accessories.

step 3
attach your accessory

Whether you are adding a bow, pin or bracelet, attach your accessory to the shoe's hidden inner loops or infity bijoux on the sole of the shoe. Watch our video below to show how its done.

Look how it is done

Take a look below and see how effortlessly an accessory can slide through an inner loop and attach to shoe without comprimising design nor comfort.