Von Löwenstein understands that a woman’s role is never singular or straightforward. By providing customisable heels, we are with her through every step of her journey, whether that is as a modern professional, a wedding guest, or a stylish woman out and about. 

We want to grow and move with our clients, and we want them to wear our shoes for years to come. Statement pieces that offer versatility to the wearer simply have a longer lifespan.

The various shoe styles that we offer all have hidden and strategically placed inner loops that allow for accessories to be added. Enhancing femininity through intelligent and elegant design, Von Löwenstein's shoes and accessories provide women with style, comfort, confidence, and, most importantly, individuality.

To create timeless, fashionable footwear, Von Löwenstein offers all its clients the option of customising their shoes. One of the core components of our customisation feature is the signature infinity bijoux on the outsole of all heeled shoes. Being able to customise shoes sets Von Löwenstein apart from other luxury shoe brands.

Our accessories include grosgrain ribbons, crystal chains, crystal pins, tulle bows and embellished suede bows. We look forward to adding more accessories to our collection soon. All accessories can be used in past, present and future collections which means that our shoes can be customised and tailored to your taste, style and liking.