von löwenstein
designer shoes

Von Löwenstein was founded by women for women, designed in Monaco and made in Italy. We believe that you should be able to express your personal style with customisable footwear. We aim to create timeless, high-quality heels that won’t torture your feet.

We believe in intelligent contemporary design that is both flattering and functional. That is also why we spend a great deal of thought and time on every one of our designs. We focus on the small details because a flattering silhouette is timeless and heels that don’t hurt are essential.

Von Löwenstein was founded in 2021 by three Danish women brought together in Monaco by a shared passion for shoes and the aspiration to bring their creative ideas to life.

We are motivated and inspired by the women around us. Because we are both well-travelled and well-versed in what it means to be a woman, we approach design in a unique and compelling way, taking into account culture and creativity, in order to produce an exceptional final product.

'To us, it’s not only about looking good in your shoes but also about feeling good in them.'