commitment to
sustainable heels

At Von Löwenstein, we see ourselves as a genuine and honest brand with the goal of making our products last longer. We honour the authenticity and craftsmanship that is part of shoemaking and embrace the challenge of creating timeless styles that will last beyond seasonal trends.

By creating timeless, limited collection investment pieces, we aim to offset the environmental impact of production and ultimately make sustainable women's shoes. We do this by using a neutral tonal colour pallette so that our shoes remain classic forever. Von Löwenstein also uses materials of the highest quality to ensure more extended durability and comfort.

The customisation options of our products enable our clients to wear their shoes through the years while remaining contemporary and modern. We design all our accessories with the conscious goal of being used in all past, present and future collections. This means that, with our accessories, it is possible to update ad restyle all Von Löwenstein shoes, making them even more appealing and a sustainable brand to contend with. 

Slow fashion and conscientious consumption are at the core of our sustainable endeavours, and all shoes we produce are locally manufactured by hand in Tuscany, while our accessories are produced in different parts of Italy. Our manufacturers are a family-run factory that serves as an extension of our Von Löwenstein team. 

As an honest and sustainable business, we foster strong, direct and transparent relationships with our suppliers, manufacturers, team members and clients. Besides this, Von Löwenstein aims to build on continuous interaction between our business and our surroundings.We feel that this will better enable us to build a sustainable shoe brand that focuses on shoes for now and a fashionable future.